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True Cinnamon Powder Bulk 500g

Organic, fairly traded true cinnamon powder. Sweet and rich, this cinnamon powder is fresh from the current year's harvest and full of flavour.

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True Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum 
(also known as Sweet Cinnamon, and Ceylon Cinnamon)

Gathering Place sells only True Cinnamon powder, hand harvested from family farms in South India. True cinnamon needs to be shade grown and enjoys growing under coconut and banana trees. True cinnamon has a less spicy, more complex, subtle and naturally sweet flavour.  

The taste is beyond compare to the more familiar type of cinnamon, known as Cassia. Although popular, Cassia cinnamon contains coumarin, an anti coagulant that can be toxic to the liver. Cassia is spicy and sharp flavoured. 

Many people with Type 2 diabetes are taking daily supplements of cinnamon. Several studies have shown improved insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control by taking as  little as 1⁄2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day. Make sure you are using true cinnamon! (and always consult your health care professional)

See our recipe section and Facebook page for ideas and delicious recipes with cinnamon.

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