Stevia Powder, Green Bulk 500g View full size

Stevia Powder, Green Bulk 500g

Organic, fairly traded green stevia powder. Gathering Place stevia powder is nothing but the pure leaf in its natural form. Feel the goodness, knowing it has not been bleached or processed in any way. Fresh, from the current years harvest!

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Stevia Rebaudiana 

A herb with an abundance of positive effects. Stevia is one of the sweetest substances known in nature, with a sweetness rating of up to 300 times that of sugar, without the calories. It is a natural and healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. Stevia has the wonderful ability to help the body regulate blood sugar.

It has no glycemic index so is perfectly safe for diabetics. The whole leaf contains numerous phytonutrients and trace minerals. It can sweeten any drink, with no carbohydrates and no tooth decay.

See our recipe section and Facebook page for ideas and delicious recipes with stevia.

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