The Gathering Place Organic Green Rooibos Tea

Green Rooibos is an unfermented version of traditional Rooibos. This means the tea is cut and dried immediately, retaining its green colour and antioxidant goodness. In fact, because it is not fermented,
Green Rooibos actually contains higher concentrations of antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients than plain Rooibos. When brewed it is golden, rather than red, and tastes naturally light and sweet. Not to be confused with the Japanese Green tea, Green Rooibos contains no caffeine and is never bitter.

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How to Prepare

Gathering Place Organic Green Rooibos Tea

Green Rooibos can be prepared in the same way as traditional Rooibos, by simmering the tea for ten minutes in a pot of water on the stove. Brewing the tea increases the antioxidant value, flavour, and colour of the tea and (most happily) the tea never gets bitter. Green Rooibos can also be made in a teapot and then poured through a strainer, or by using a tea ball or tea filter. Use 1 teaspoon of tea leaves or one tea bag per cup.

The Source

All the Gathering Place Rooibos tea comes from an organic farm in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. This farm was the first Rooibos operation to be certified organic and the first to export Rooibos from the country.
The grower is a third generation farmer who only replants Rooibos bushes when absolutely necessary and minimally tills the delicate semi arid ecosystem. This is essential to the plants' survival and the farm's sustainability for generations to come. Other conventional Rooibos farms in the region do not take the same care and often replant annually and use machines to harvest. All of this creates excessive erosion of top soil.
The Gathering Place Rooibos farmer hand harvests the plants when the Rooibos is at its peak of flavour and nutritional content. This factor combined with a stringent fermentation, sorting, and drying process ensures the highest quality Rooibos you will ever taste.
During the process of creating Green Rooibos, the farmer hand selects the rooibos bushes that will be harvested for the tea. Unlike plain Rooibos, the leaves can be chosen at any time of year and the greener the better! They are then hand harvested and dried immediately.
The Gathering Place Trading Company is the only importer to North America of this particularly high quality Rooibos.


Green Rooibos contains higher concentrations of antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients than plain Rooibos.

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