Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt

Ocean SaltGathering Place Trading Company has sourced the purest salt in the world! Originating from the unpolluted waters of the Antarctic, this sea salt is as nature intended it to be — pure ocean brine minus the liquid, with no heat processing, no extraction of minerals, and no refining or processing in any way.

ryan in salt panOur sea salt is created when Antarctic waters are carried up the west coast of Africa by the Benguela current. This ice cold water passes through an underground aquifer and is then pumped into drying pans. The intense African sun and Atlantic winds help to sun and wind dry the salt.

Every three days the pure Antarctic sea salt is hand harvested from the pans, with special scoops, to retain its perfect crystal formation. The salt crystals are then hand-sifted and weighed.
Research proves that humans need whole, clean ocean salt. Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt contains 82 trace minerals and essential macronutrients that our bodies need for optimum functioning. Click here for more information about how sea salt impacts human health.

Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt is available in functional, elegant grinder bottles that are re-fillable and will last for years of daily use. These handy grinder bottles are wonderfully portable for picnics, camping, or boating. Economical re-fill bags are also available. Each refill has a convenient zip lock and will replenish your grinder three times.

Sea Salt

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"We love your kelp and sea salt. It's great to know that we are putting something so good into our bodies - and with all the benefits of kelp, too! When the grinder is empty, we simply refill. Quick, easy, fun to use, and healthy! Thank you Gathering Place!"
— Leigh and Paul, Ontario
"The salt and pepper grinder is always on hand — whether preparing meat or fish for the barbecue or on veggies at the table. We would be lost without it!"
— Arlene, Manitoba