Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt & Your Health

Natural sea salt offers countless health benefits because of its complex beneficial minerals. Natural unrefined sea salt offers higher resistance to infections and bacterial diseases. It maintains a physiological electrolyte balance, balances alkalinity/acidity levels, restores good digestion, relieves allergic symptoms, and helps skin diseases.

In centuries past, salt — known as the universal necessity — was also appreciated as an effective medicine. It was used alone, as an energizer and detoxifying agent, or in conjunction with healing plants.

Sea Salt Health Facts

  • Medical and biological research shows that humans need whole, clean ocean salt. The ocean contains all of the precious minerals our bodies require for optimum function.
  • Relatively few people are informed about the denaturing of real salt. Essential macronutrients and 82 trace minerals are removed from industrially refined salt, leaving only a single compound made of sodium and chloride. The salt refiners profit from selling the extracted minerals.
  • Sea salt softens hardened lymph nodes, glands, muscles, and abdominal obstructions and swellings.
  • Natural unrefined sea salt provides higher resistance to infections and bacterial diseases.
  • In the Ayurvedic Tradition, sea salt has the most "grounding" activity of any substance used in food. Sea salt has a yin (female) nature and represents the earth. It can be used to bring a person down to earth or give food a more substantial quality. Salt is alkalizing, thus is craved by those whose systems are overly acidic.

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