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Figs, dried 150g, All Natural

Our sixth generation South African farmer grows these figs without chemicals and hand-harvests at the peak of ripeness. She sun dries them without the addition of sulphur, sugar or preservatives in a remote  and pristine location further ensuring their purity. Gluten free, vegan, non irradiated and non-GMO this sweet and delicious fruit is a great snack or recipe addition.

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Harvested at the peak of the season and shipped directly from the farmer to us! These addictively delicious figs come from Ryan's homeland of South Africa

Together with the farmer we offer you the best dried figs. Sweet & chewy these figs were grown and matured naturally without interfering their natural ripening process. Biologically farmed with the health of the planet and people using natural microbes and composting techniques you can feel good about eating this pineapple. 

The white sugar crystals that can appear on dried figs are the naturally occurring fruit sugars that have come to the surface and crystallized. This process  happens in exceptionally sweet figs. Our figs have not been treated in any way and have no preservative or additives.