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Ginger Powder 40g

Organic, fairly traded ginger powder. From the current year's harvest our ginger has a warm zest and is full of flavour.

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Zingiber Officinale

Gathering Place organic ginger grows giant in the shade of coconut and banana trees. The huge roots (actually rhizomes) are dried and freshly powdered, resulting in an unparrelled taste.  Our ginger is warm and fragrant with a spicy zest and full flavour.

Ginger is the most widely used and available herbal remedy on the planet, with people the world over using it every day as both food and medicine. In Western Cuisine it is used mainly in sweet foods such as ginger ale and ginger snaps. In India and Asia it is used in curries, pickled in vinegar, preserved in oil and used raw and cooked in a myriad of recipes.

Scientists have found evidence to support ginger's wide range of medicinal actions. These actions include the lowering of cholesterol levels, relief for allergies and asthma, arthritis, colds, and nausea; and protecting the digestive tract and liver against toxins and parasites. Ginger is also an age-old remedy for morning sickness.