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Vanilla Beans Bulk 500g

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Organic vanilla beans. Fresh, moist and rich in flavour these vanilla beans will leave you wanting more. Harvested in the current year, with exceptional value!

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Vanilla Bean 

Vanilla Planifolia

Gathering Place vanilla beans are fresh, fragrant and rich in flavour.  Vanilla planifolia is the only orchid in the world that produces an edible fruit. 

In our Southern Indian farmers cooperative, the vanilla is grown up coconut trees, often alternating tree for tree with black pepper. It thrives in the moist, partially sunny and hot environment.

The whole bean may be used in food, tea, and cosmetics, and is abundantly found as a liquid flavoring extract in a base of alcohol. Foodies everywhere are enjoying the diversity of recipes fresh whole vanilla can be added to.

See our recipe section and Facebook page for ideas and delicious recipes with vanilla.