Right from the beginning, we've made a point of knowing our farmers.

We travel the world looking for farmers who grow organically, use fair trade practices, pay men and women equally, treat their employees well, and take good care of their piece of the Earth.

In our global food system, voting with your dollars counts. When you buy from Gathering Place, you're casting a vote in favour of direct fair trade sourcing and sustainable earth-friendly practices.

(right: Marc Loiselle, organic mustard farmer)

Gathering Place Trading

Sourcing Map

Organic Oregano, Basil, Dill, Parsley, Sage & Thyme Grown by Eckehart & Elizabeth
Organic Brown & Yellow Mustard Grown by Marc & Anita
Organic Bay & Rosemary Grown on Gathering Place Farm (Cortes Island)
Kelp Harvested in Bamfield & Prince Rupert
Certified Organic Spices Farmers’ Cooperative (Karnataka State, India)
Sea Salt Hand Harvested (St. Helena Bay, South Africa)
Olives Grown by Pieter Vorster (Mount Cedar, South Africa)
Dried Figs Grown by Liezl & Jaco (Princ Albert region, Swatberg Mountains)
Dried Pineapple Grown by Anton & Jonathan (Bathurst, South Africa)
Rooibos & Green Rooibos Grown by Frans & Gerda (Clanwilliam, South Africa)
Vanilla & Black Pepper (Sri Lanka)

Thank you for supporting our vision and standing with us

We favour multi-generational family farms or cooperatives. We tour their farms, learning about how the product is grown, harvested, and preserved. We trust our farmers to bring you the highest quality, freshest and most ethically produced food in the world. Our business is founded on these values.

You can learn about our farmers and the food they grow below.

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

Bay & Rosemary


Sea Salt
South Africa

Organic Mustard

Spice Farmers Cooperative

Rooibos & Green Rooibos
South Africa

Vanilla & Pepper
Sri Lanka

Herbs & Spices