Antarctic Pure Sea Salt & BC Kelp Grinder


Harvested from the unpolluted waters of the Antarctic, Gathering Place Sea Salt is the purest on the Earth. This all-natural delicacy contains 82 trace minerals that our bodies need. Hand harvested BC Kelp adds flavour and health benefits.

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Our sea salt is the purest on the Earth, sourced from a deep salt water aquifer on the isolated west coast of South Africa. The Antarctic Ocean water is naturally filtered, passing through miles of compressed seashells and sand to produce salt that is not contaminated. It is then sun and wind dried with no machine processing, and is hand harvested and then sieved – never machine cut or ground. Gathering Place Sea Salt is harvested by a fair trade family business, which better the lives of their workers through education, child care, and health care. Hand harvested BC Kelp adds both flavour and health benefits to this unique blend.

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Weight 0.257 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 13 cm


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