Organic Yebo! – Yerba Maté & Rooibos Tea Blend


How can you say no to a tea that literally means YES? Yebo!, or “yes” in Zulu, is a stimulating mix of Brazilian Yerba Maté and Rooibos. This nutritious tea wakes the mind but calms the nerves. Invigorate your day with our Yebo! tea.


A favourite among die-hard tea drinkers, Yebo! is the morning tea of our family. The natural caffeine of Yerba Maté is hand blended with the mineral and antioxidant rich Rooibos to create a nutritious and stimulating tea. Yebo! (which means YES in Zulu) offers an invigorating rush of energy that wakes the mind but calms the nerves. Say Yes with Yebo! 

Steep the tea for ten minutes in a teapot filled with boiling water

Ingredients: rooibos, yerba maté

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