Welcome to Gathering Place Trading

We’re a family-run company that prides itself on doing things differently. In fact, we take standard business practices and stand them on their head.


Right from the beginning, we’ve made a point of knowing our farmers

Read about our sourcing partners and the stories behind our products here.


Our sustainable sea salt is the purest in the world!

Learn about what sets our sea salt apart, and add some to your cart today!


Our organic rosemary is grown right on our home soil of Cortes Island, BC

Enjoy it in roasted vegetables, tomato sauce, stews, and focaccia.


Our turmeric is always the current year’s harvest and extremely fresh

Turmeric lends its distinctive flavour and colour to curries, soups, tea, golden milk, rice, and smoothies.

We are a family-owned business founded on beautiful Cortes Island, BC in 2003. From only one product, we’ve expanded to nearly one hundred, including a whole line of Canadian-grown herbs. Always certified organic, always non-GMO, always sustainably produced, always direct from our farmers to you. We think you’ll connect with our values and we know you’ll love our offerings!

Our Products

We only bring in foods that we want to feed our family.
And that you’ll want to feed yours.

Try our organic, fairly-traded products!

In a world where companies are racing to be the fastest, we still ship by sea freight. In an industry where our competitors don’t know where their products come from, we know all our farmers by name. And in an era where everybody wants to pay less, we will gladly pay more if it supports a Canadian farmer.

We don’t want to be like everyone else.

And we have a sneaking suspicion you might not want to either.
Glad you found us.

About Us

Customer Testimonials

Amazing teas (hello, rooibos chai!), spices, and salts - especially the one with kelp. Great company with awesome values and better products.

Darcy S.

Thanks so much for your lovely tea, friendly service & your contributions to our earth.


Dear Harvey’s – Thank you for sharing with us the treasures of distant lands & people. Our bodies are nourished by your love & spice.


Thank you Lovena and family. You have renewed my faith in humanity! Your kindness and trust of others is wonderful – and I hope I can also spread good in the world. Your products are so good and your support for global farmers is outstanding.


Thank you for providing such a high quality product and contributing to our family’s well being. You can expect a refill order.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your products and your company principles.


Thanks so much for your great service. Your rooibos tea is the best.

Rob & Christine

I LOVE this supplier-got hooked when we met them during a market on Quadra Island about 8 years ago. Best Rooibos tea anywhere!! Highly recommend products (I’ve tried all the teas) - customer service is excellent. Thanks and keep up great work!


The best Rooibos Chai I have ever tried. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!!

Michael M.

Love your Antarctic salt with kelp. Want to try other things too.

Becky D.

Our family so appreciates the high quality, nourishing, ethically sourced teas and spices from the Gathering Place. Thanks so much for enriching our family’s cuisine!

Catriona, Cortes Island BC

Best spices I've ever used. Love the teas. Salt grinders are awesome.

Deanna C.

I really appreciate the heart of your company, and your products are bar none the best fresh spices I've ever used.

Amie R.

Love your products. I met you at the sa!t spring Christmas show. So happy I have found you.

Terri R.

Just a quick note to let you know that your curry blend (the hot variety) is the *absolute *best curry we have every had! Alas, I only have 1 more pack so will have to make sure I get down to Lifestyles Market before we run out. I also purchased cumin and coriander, which I haven't tried yet, but I'm sure they are great.

Barbara I.

We have bought cinnamon from you, but it is not about the product. It is about making a connection with a particular company and their cause or motivation. It has always been a pleasure (until Covid) to interact with members of your family during the craft fair at the Panorama Recreation Centre in North Saanich. We look forward to the return of that event.

Dave P., North Saanich

Everything arrived a day early and we couldn't be more excited! We had to rip open the chai spice right away just to take a smell. Heavenly!
Thanks for the hand written note and for providing such top grade, awesome, ethical products.

Alison B.

Yebo is my new morning daily tea! Love the flavour with a little vanilla syrup.


In the past I was not a big Rooibos fan. Not until I tried your’s – definitely a wonderful difference.
I now use your Rooibos in 7 of my blends – everyone that tries it loves it! And is definitely a favorite for all ages. I always recommend people buy your Rooibos as it is definitely one of the most flavourful of all the ones I have tried!

Darsana Tea

Love the flavour of this tea [Honeybush] as it reminds me of orange pekoe without having the black tea.


Powerful, seductive and lingering vanilla smell everywhere in my home since I made the ‘Kamut shortbread with Hazelnuts’ two days ago. Used half of the quantity mentioned in the recipe! Next week, looking forward to using your onion and garlic powders for the sourdough rosemary crackers.

Suat T.The best vanilla I have used!

I've been enjoying your spices and herbs for a few years now. There hasn't been a product I've tried that I wasn't impressed by. The taste and quality of ingredients really stands out. It must be in part from where and who you source the ingredients. Perhaps there's a little more love put into growing and acquiring them and that makes the difference, because I've been using organic spices and herbs for many years and there's something special about Gathering Place products I haven't really found in other companies.


It is a Christmas tradition to purchase your cinnamon for presents for our children. We all love the taste!

Bonnie L., Duncan BC

Gathering place trading has been providing me with their highest quality
Caffeine Free Teas for approximately 10 years and their product has
always been of the highest quality.
I would recommend them to everyone who demands highest quality at
reasonable prices.

Kenneth S. P., Nanaimo

True Cinnamon is a mild and flavorful spice that can be used from adding it to apples and yogurt to baking it in your favorite cinnamon bun recipe. It has a light brown color and has a soft/sweet aroma compared to the darker, stronger tasting Cassia type of cinnamon.
I have purchased kilograms of True Cinnamon from Gathering Place Trading and have never been disappointed.
If you have never tried “True Cinnamon”, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Five out of five stars!

John Z,. Edmonton

Since 2016 when we discovered your company there is no day when we do not enjoy our favorite organic teas!
We were amazed and overjoyed being able to order our favorite Rooibos loose teas in bulk. Nothing better than start and finish day with a cup of organic herbal, caffeine-free tea.
So far, we tried and immensely enjoyed Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Rooibos and Organic Wild Mountain Honeybush Teas.
Each has its own distinctive taste and provides full drinking satisfaction either as hot, freshly brewed or refreshing iced tea.

Yuri & Katarina T., Ontario

I have been drinking Gathering Place Organic Roiboos Tea since they started their business. Mostly hot, and during our painfully short Yukon summers as a cold beverage.
I am fully satisfied with this excellent product!

Suat T., Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

This chemical-free dried pineapple tastes like sunshine itself. I can't describe how amazing it is. Try a 150g pouch if you must -- but I buy 1kg at a time. I have gifted several 1kg bags to family and friends at Christmas - they all loved it. It's also great for taking on hikes!

Rhiannon B.

I have been buying my tea through Gathering Place for many years now. Their tea is the only kind I drink. I just love it! My husband has even started drinking it and he's not a tea drinker! I appreciate the outstanding service and reasonable prices. Recipes are a great touch too!

Brenda J.,

Your Rooibos is the best!! Coming from South Africa, I know a thing or two about rooibos tea, and yours is the nicest I've ever found.
Your spices are fresh, pure and ethically produced. What more could anyone want?
Another excellent product is your salt and kelp mixture, for both flavor and nutrition.
Orders arrive very quickly. Lovely people to deal with!

Greta, Courtenay, BC

As a family we have been enjoying Rooibos Tea for a very long time. Many years ago when we were first camping on Quadra Island Lovena was at the Quadra Island Farmers Market and she was a wealth of information on this lovely tea. She too was raising her young family and talked at great length to me about all the health benefits of the tea and that children loved it as iced tea just as much. (I still have the photocopied Iced Tea Recipe that she gave me in my cookbook!)
Thanks so much for educating us on such a wonderful tea. We are still working through the enormous, reasonably priced bag I ordered some time ago.

Cindy K., Burnaby BC

Ever since I’ve started using the spices and herbs at Gathering Place Trading, I can’t use anything else! This company provides the freshest and most flavorful herbs and spices I’ve ever found. In addition, all the products are ethically and sustainably sourced, with a focus on small farms. I also love how the packages let you know when a product is Canadian. Gathering Place Trading is a great company to support. There’s no doubt this company walks the talk!

Kali D.

I want to express my gratitude for your dedicated, and ethical business in the food industry!
I love your products and your Rooibos Tea is the best I have ever tasted, and I have been drinking it for years.
You offer a great selection of spices and herbs that are superior to many available in the market.
But of course a great company cannot continue without great staff and owners - Kudos to you!
May you provide great products for many years to come.

Jan, Vancouver BC

Ever since my friend, an ex-pat S. African, recommended your Rooibos loose tea, we have
enjoyed it as our post dinner drink every evening. It has a rich, smooth taste, superior to many
others we have tried.I then ordered several of the spice offerings and you have now become my "go to", especially for theorganic products — the cinnamon is amazing!

G.S. St. John’s, NL

Organic Cinnamon Powder- Excellent quality. I buy 500g at a time and it's just the best flavour from start to finish (we use cinnamon daily). The smell is divine! Excellent product, excellent customer service. Thanks for such a great product.

Amie R.,

My review for Chai Rooibos: Truly delicious. I usually buy the larger quantity to share with my two adult daughters who love it as much as I do.
Also bought various spices such as thyme, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom. They smell and taste fresher than any other commercial brands.
Thanks for the wonderful products.

Chantal B.