All about our True Cinnamon!

All about our True Cinnamon!

FAQ’s about Gathering Place True Cinnamon!

We have been importing cinnamon from the South of India to Canada for the last 15 years and have learned so much in the process! Below are the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

Why does Sri Lankan True Cinnamon taste so different to Gathering Place’s Indian True Cinnamon?

In Sri Lanka, the cinnamon trees are harvested as yearlings, when the bark is immature and delicate, resulting in less flavour, a dusty appearance, and a light colour. In the South of India, where our True Cinnamon comes from, the cinnamon trees are harvested only after three+ years, when the bark is mature and thick, resulting in a dark, richly flavoured, dense powder. As with wine and other crops, the terroir of the region impacts the flavour and quality of the cinnamon. We always select small family farms and cooperatives who intercrop cinnamon in biodiverse, multi-tiered food forests, resulting in the highest quality hand harvested spices.

Is True Cinnamon the same as Ceylon Cinnamon? 

Yes! Both True Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon are common names for Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, modernly known as Cinnamomum verum (“verum” meaning “true”). However, we don’t wish to propagate the term “Ceylon Cinnamon,” as it associated with colonialism. Ceylon was the Empirical name for the nation of Sri Lanka when it was under British rule. Sri Lanka dropped the name Ceylon in 1972 when it became an independent republic.

What is the difference between True Cinnamon and Cassia?

Most cinnamon purchased in North American grocery stores is not Cinnamomum Zeylanicum or “true cinnamon.” It is a related species called “Cassia” and contains coumarin, a carcinogen that can cause liver inflammation and damage. Unlike the sharp spiciness of Cassia, Gathering Place True Cinnamon is naturally sweet and delicious and can be used freely without worry of coumarin toxicity. True Cinnamon also has other health benefits. Research indicates it can regulate blood sugar levels, help the absorption of insulin in Type 2 diabetics, lower cholesterol, boost memory, and improve digestion.

Does True Cinnamon only grow in Sri Lanka? 

No! True Cinnamon also grows in the South of India, although it originated in Sri Lanka. Gathering Place True Cinnamon comes from family farms and cooperatives in the South of India.

Are you sure your cinnamon is True Cinnamon? Absolutely! Cinnamomum Cassia does not grow in South of India (nor in most of India). We have conducted lab analyses on our True Cinnamon for coumarin content, which is exclusively in Cassia and is carcinogenic. Our True cinnamon has none.

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