Welcome to Gathering Place Trading

We bring you farmer-direct, non-GMO, certified organic products from sustainable farms in Canada and around the world. We specialize in ethically produced tea, herbs and spices, vanilla, and pure, healthy sea salt.

Right From the Beginning, We've Made a Point of Knowing Our Farmers

Read about our sourcing partners and the stories behind our products here.

Our Sustainable Sea Salt is the Purest in the World!

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Our Turmeric is Always the Current Year's Harvest and is Extremely Fresh

Turmeric lends its distinctive flavour and colour to curries, soups, tea, golden milk, rice, and smoothies.

Our Rosemary is Grown On Our Home Soil of Cortes Island, BC

Enjoy it in roasted vegetables, tomato sauce, stews, and foccacia.

About Gathering Place Trading

We are a family-owned, Canadian company founded in British Columbia in 2003. From only one product, we’ve expanded to over 100, including a whole line of Canadian-grown herbs.

If you like knowing where your food is coming from, you're going to LOVE us!

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We only bring in foods that we want to feed our family.

And that you’ll want to feed yours.

Some Kind Words

Organic Cinnamon Powder

Excellent quality. I buy 500g at a time and it's just the best flavour from start to finish (we use cinnamon daily). The smell is divine! Excellent product, excellent customer service. Thanks for such a great product.

—Amie R.

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Chai Rooibos

Truly delicious. I usually buy the larger quantity to share with my two adult daughters who love it as much as I do. Also bought various spices such as thyme, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom. They smell and taste fresher than any other commercial brands.

—Chantal B.

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Curry Blend

Just a quick note to let you know that your curry blend (the hot variety) is the *absolute* best curry we have every had! Alas, I only have 1 more pack so will have to make sure I get down to Lifestyles Market before we run out. I also purchased cumin and coriander, which I haven't tried yet, but I'm sure they are great.

—Barbara I.

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Meet the Founders of Gathering Place Trading

We're Lovena and Ryan and we pride ourselves on doing things differently. In fact, we take standard business practices and stand them on their head.

In a world where companies are racing to be the fastest, we still ship by sea freight. In an industry where our competitors don’t know where their products come from, we know all our farmers by name. And in an era where everybody wants to pay less, we will gladly pay more if it supports a Canadian farmer.

We don’t want to be like everyone else. And we have a sneaking suspicion you might not want to either.

Glad you found us.