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Meet Our Newest Family Member – Kali Rose

Kali, our lovable Australian Shepherd has been with us since June 21st (Solstice & Father’s Day!) and is 5-months-old now! Her Summer months were filled with sleeping, swimming in the ocean, eating flowers and chasing butterflies (she is upgrading to chasing deer and raccoons, but still needs us for support!)

Kali also loves boat rides – she sometimes commutes with us to work from Cortes Island to Campbell River. In fact, we picked her up by boat when we first got her from a lovely family in Powell River, who met us in Lund. Kali has 8 siblings and was born on a Cattle Farm in Powell River.

The Gathering Place Trading Just Got Its Land Protector

Her job (besides receiving cuddles and treats) is to roam and protect our homestead on Cortes Island. The raccoons ate our entire grape and Arctic kiwi harvest last year, we’re hoping she keeps them away this year! The name Kali is derived from the Hindu goddess of time, change, and empowerment. “Kali” is fierce, the destroyer of evil forces and a divine protector. She’s divine alright, and we are in love!

guard dog on farm


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