Two people in white shirts in South Africa with gleaming white sea salt in shovels

One of the Purest Salts in the World!

Gathering Place founders Lovena and Ryan have spent the last 20 years sourcing the best quality products from around the world. Finding family farms and community sourcing partners who put care for the Earth first is one of our company pillars.

Our Antarctic Pure Sea Salt is sourced from a South African family business that own the rights to a saltwater aquifer and are certified Fair Trade with Fair for Life. We are honoured to be the only Canadian business selling this artisan Sea Salt that has been verified to be one of the Purest in the World.

Zero Microplastics and Zero Heavy Metals

Our Sea Salt originates in the Antarctic Ocean, which is why we named it Antarctic Pure. The swift Benguela Current brings this ice-cold water up the wild west coast of South Africa. This pure ocean water travels through layers of ancient seashell beds and sand into an extremely rare geological phenomenon –a saltwater aquifer. This filtered salt water gains additional mineral potency in the filtration process, resulting in 82 trace minerals including 1800 ppm of magnesium and 2400 ppm of calcium! Much higher amounts than most sea salt!

This natural filtration process also filters out any impurities, microplastics, and heavy metals. Our Sea Salt has been tested for microplastic contamination and contains absolutely zero microplastics. It is also heavy metal-free, with an incredibly low lead reading of less than 30ppb (parts/billion), ranking it in the top five safest sea salts in the world. 

Better for the Earth

It is also a totally renewable resource, with no machine processing. The aquifer water is simply pumped into drying pans where it is sun and wind dried and hand harvested! Compare this to mined salts, which have a high carbon footprint and a destructive ecological impact due to blasting, giant machine harvesting, and machine processing of their salt. Our sea salt is gently processed by hand with absolutely nothing added or taken away, and is sieved for sizing with no machine grinding whatsoever.

We love that our sea salt does no harm to either the Earth or our customers when they consume it. Enjoy!

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