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Gathering Place VIDEO!

September 28, 2022 2 Comments
This past summer, we hired an outstanding filmmaker to create a video about our family business. We’d been wanting to get our message out in video form for quite some time and were waiting for the right person to come along to help us do that. Turns out Ben Grayzel of Olam Films was that right person! 
The mission of his companyto make beautiful and impactful films for organizations, businesses, and projects that are working to create a better world—resonated with us, so we invited him to our Cortes Island homestead on a gorgeous August day.
Ben was so warm and friendly and immediately set us at ease. We spent time with him on our back porch, chatting with him about the values that Gathering Place has been founded on: knowing where our food comes from, supporting family businesses that farm sustainably, and putting care for the Earth first.  
He also took his camera out to our gardens and filmed us picking garden produce, making supper, and eating as a family.
If you want an inside look at our company and a “behind-the-scenes” peek at our family farm where we grow Gathering Place rosemary and bay, check out the video. Our most sincere hope is that it gives our customers more of a sense of who we are and that it inspires other small family businesses to keep putting their values front and centre. 
Enjoy! And let us know what you think!


  • Ben Grayzel says:

    I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with your amazing family and learn the story of Gathering Place! It is inspiring to see what you have built over the years, guided not by money, but by your values. I’ll be putting in an order of spices when I get back to BC!

    • Lovena says:

      We loved working with you too and the video you created accurately embodied our values and who we are. We are so grateful for the time you spent in the office, on the farm and with our family. Huge thanks!

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