It’s Seasonal Spice time!

It’s Seasonal Spice time!

Here at Gathering Place Trading, we love to offer our customers a wide variety of seasonal spices to help celebrate the holidays, which are right around the corner!

Check these out, and use the promo code “holidays” for 15% off all of our seasonal spices!

Combine our fresh and fragrant mulling spices with your choice of apple juice, pear cider, cranberry juice, or wine. Gathering Place Mulling Spice will warm your heart and help you celebrate the changing seasons 

Use our Apple Spice for pies, crisps, and apple sauce . Our family often uses apple spice in pancakes, scones, or sprinkled on apple slices as well!

Create lattes, warm milks, muffins or pies  with Gathering Place Pumpkin Spice. And if you really want to get fancy, sprinkle the surface of your baked squash as it heads into the oven!

Gathering Place Chai Spice is delicious and invigorating, when simmered in water or milk or added to your favourite tea . We also use our Chai Spice Powder to “spice up” baking, such as cookies or muffins.

We hope you enjoy using all of our seasonal spices as much as you enjoy your holiday time!


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