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Organic Allspice Whole

Organic Allspice Whole

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  • Certified Organic
  • Hand Harvested
  • Sustainably Farmed
  • Hand Packaged

Gathering Place Allspice is a single spice, organically grown on a small-scale, family-owned farm in Honduras. 

Popular in Caribbean cooking, and especially in Jamaican jerk seasoning, Allspice contains subtle hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with a gentle peppery undertone.

Add Allspice to roasted vegetables for a hint of warmth, or to sweet dishes that call for spiciness. 

Organic Whole Allspice
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Welcome to Gathering Place Trading,

Where We Direct Source the Best Organic Allspice Whole

About Our Honduran Supplier

We import whole allspice from a family business in Honduras. Established in 1982, this small-scale company is committed to organic farming, which is the traditional way of their people. They are also passionate about shining a light on the products that come from their country and desire to share them with the rest of the world. We feel proud to support a small-scale family operation in an area of the world that is struggling to meet many of the basic needs of their people. With great care we grind the allspice berries to create a fresh allspice powder that we use in our blends and hand package in-house on Vancouver Island, in Campbell River, BC.

Planet Over Profit

1% of every sale of Organic Allspice Whole goes to hand-selected grassroots projects in our farmer communites around the world

While some brands only "give back" from their profits (i.e. money earned after expenses and owners' incomes), we at Gathering Place donate one percent of all our sales to important, grassroots initiatives that directly improve the lives of the people who farm these spices, herbs, and tea.

Learn more about our farm partners and donation commitments on our about page.

Why Buy From Gathering Place Trading?

Our Core Principles

Direct Sourcing

We gather authentic and trustworthy ingredients from hand-selected family farms and community sourcing partners. No one in the middle, just farmers to families.

Environmental Care

We are proudly Green Business Certified, always purchase Canadian-grown products when available, offer our employees CO2 credits for car pooling or biking, and use 100% recyclable packaging. 

Organic and Non-GMO

We only partner with certified organic and non-GMO farms and suppliers who meet global food safety standards.

Integrity and Fairness

We love leading with our heart and hope to inspire change by humanizing the global food industry.

Giving Back

We take great joy in re-investing 1% of our total sales back into grassroots projects in the communities where our products are grown. 

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