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Organic Mustard Brown Seed

Organic Mustard Brown Seed

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  • Certified Organic
  • Made in Canada
  • Non-GMO
  • Current Year’s Harvest

Gathering Place Organic Brown Mustard Seed comes to you from Saskatchewan, the heart of Canada’s prairies. It is grown on a multigenerational family farm using certified organic and biodynamic methods. The mustard is certified organic, non-GMO, non-irradiated, in addition to being fresh and flavourful. Enjoy it in curries, soups, stews, and potato salad.

Organic Brown Mustard Seed
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Welcome to Gathering Place Trading,

Where We Direct Source the Best Organic Mustard Brown Seed

If It Grows In Canada, We Source It!

As a Canadian company, Gathering Place takes pride in supporting local Canadian farmers by sourcing products from our own country. It’s one of our company pillars: If a product is grown and available in Canada, we will buy it - even if it costs more! This just makes sense: from a carbon footprint perspective, as well as providing support for the local economy and curating the freshest products for our customers.

We partner with certified organic family farms, who put care for the Earth first, while treating their employees with respect. These Canadian farmers supply us with the tastiest and most ethically-produced green culinary herbs, organic mustards, and our wildcrafted, pure ocean-sourced kelp.

About Our Organic Mustard Seed Farmers

Did you know that Canada is the leading producer of mustard in the world?

Our all-Canadian, high-quality mustard is grown on a 100-year-old, multi-generational family farm that has been working with certified organic and biodynamic management practices since 1985. These dedicated organic and non-GMO advocates have played a lead role in the renaissance of Red Fife wheat in the Canadian Prairies. We source these ethically-produced brown and yellow mustard seeds and sell them directly. We also grind them in small batches in-house to create a fresh, potent mustard powder.

Planet Over Profit

1% of Every Sale of Organic Mustard Brown Seed Goes to Nurturing the Environment

While some brands only "give back" from their profits (i.e. money earned after expenses and owners' incomes), we at Gathering Place donate one percent of all our sales to important, grassroots initiatives that directly improve the lives of the people who farm these spices, herbs, and tea.

Learn more about our farm partners and donation commitments on our about page.

Why Buy From Gathering Place Trading?

Our Core Principles

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

The Gathering Place ingredients are organically grown, hand-blended, handpicked and sustainably harvested worldwide to protect our planet.

Farmer-Direct Ingredients

We travel the world to create partnerships with small family farms to provide the freshest ingredients, with no mass production and no middle man.

Fair Trade & Fair Pay

All Gathering Place farmers, families and partners are fairly paid and treated with integrity and love.

Family-Led Business

Not only are we a family business, but we grow our own products and every member of the family holds an essential role.

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